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April 9th, 2011 af

English introduction to Stunt with a Stuntman, what is it all about.

Feeling great with every surge of adrenaline rush? Addicted to danger? Are you adventurous and a risk taker? Maybe being a stuntman is the perfect job for you. This is the type of job that not everybody could do. This takes a lot of discipline, practice, and physical fitness to be able to execute a stunt perfectly.

So what do stuntmen do? They are those people who work as a “double” for actors in movie scenes that is too dangerous to be done by an actor who is not an expert. High risk activities are all in a days’ work in this job. You might find yourself being burned, thrown off of a bridge, hit by a car, or driving a car at high speeds. To be a stuntman, you don’t have to have a degree or a specific educational background. There are however, people who enroll themselves in stunt schools that offers basic courses on stunts such as martial arts, armed combat, stair falls, rappelling, driving, and other stunts. Others opt to add acting as part of their training.

In order for you to be able to do a specific stunt, whether a simple or the complicated ones, serious physical strength is required. One must be in good physical condition with additional skills for increasing coordination, stamina, and strength. A good way to start is by working out while having fun. Take the risk, plunge yourself into the deep, get out of your comfort zone, be free and do what stuntmen do best.

Although it may seem like they are daredevils, stunts are being done by extremely trained professionals with the purpose of creating a realistic scene or effect. Planned and carefully choreographed scenes and sequence is being followed by these people.

Stuntmen take a lot of dangerous risks in order for a movie to have good sense of reality in it. Special movie effects can also add drama to the scene but it won’t be as realistic as it is without the aid of real people doing the stunt. These daring performers bring these important scenes in the movie to life. Years and years of training are being done by men and women who want to be called stuntmen and earn their living through it. They develop and practice their skills to be able to execute stunts perfectly while reducing the risks they are exposed to. It is not an easy job. In fact, one might find themselves facing death while doing a stunt. Extreme careful measures are done so as to prevent this from happening.


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