Stunt Workshop

In shake down, have mastered the motor skills or just have a good experience?

The workshop will challenge Your cooperation and motor skills and more will be able to test their limits. The workshop will create a better unity and cooperation and at the same time provide a better entry angle to the use of the stunt in the theater and on film.

Workshops are well suited to businesses, theatre, youth clubs and the like.

The following could be included in a workshop:

  • Intro to stuntverdenen evs. with short films such as the start or finish.
  • The use of SFX (special effects), where to f.ex. even can try out what it's like to be shot, be set on fire or get smashed bottles in the head!
  • Appropriate techniques with the use of props such as chairs, tables and stairs!
  • Stagefight techniques – Bar fights, etc. – Here will be composed of evs. a few sequences like that can be a feature of!
  • More advanced stunts like the other features include, explosions, high fall, cars, horses, etc.Duration: 1 hour to several days

    : 1 hour – several days.
    Where: We will gladly come out throughout the country, or using the premises on Østerbro in Copenhagen
    Prices: Starts from 3,500 excl. transport, local rent and SFX

    You can also take contact today and get a quote as we adapt to your wishes or see our hen party packages for more inspiration

    “The collaboration with you has been a true pleasure throughout the entire process. In is INCREDIBLY professional, talented, entertaining, pleasant and competent. In is good to get all participants to feel safe, even if they must venture out into something new.” – The Top Of Denmark

    “That was taken care of everything from A to Z; They found it exciting location, made sure everything in connection with AV equipment, meeting room, gruppelokaler, catering through the day as well as dinner in the evening. We got a total event, where we no need to worry about.” – Nordic Kellogg's

    More can be received by contact.

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