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There are certainly very many who never really thought about the job as a stuntman and really often when I'm out and make stunt lectures and ask what is the stunt? The answer is very simple ”to him who does all the dangerous” and it's not completely wrong. A stuntman is often him in lieu of f.ex. an actress, if there should be movies and there must be something extreme which can range very widely – it could be anything from a trappefald, a scuffle, a fall on the tail comedy or a little bigger stunts such as high falls, car, boat, or fire stunts – You can see a car stunt filmed from the “wrong” angle, so you can see me and not the actor. Clip car stunt is a music video for L. O. C. – Yes, there are a lot of different scenarios where a stuntman must step in to remedy the actor and thus ensure no one gets hurt.

There is a very big difference between what a stuntman is doing and who will have the help of a stuntman some of the actors puts an honor in itself to perform their stunts and the other would prefer to avoid even the smallest of stunts. There is of course also a part of actors who are not allowed to make their own stunts, for if it were to end badly, it would be a very big loss for a movie or perhaps series in which the actor suddenly no longer able to be a part of the film and it will have too big consequences for both the film and the production. So each time there must be something of a dangerous nature to the production of the film and evaluating what needs to be done. Fortunately for us, the stuntmen are, you become more aware of how even small things can go wrong and thus destroy the continuous production and therefore become stuntmen used more and more than in the past. Today, we can see the actors not to do or dare anything so simple as to fall on a pair of roller skates – perhaps they will not be able to get it to look quite as good as a stuntman for many years have practiced on to do stunts with both faldteknikker and other.

So the tasks for a stuntman and stunts which are made vary enormously from day to day. One day you may be asked to roll down a flight of stairs shortly after having filmed for a brawl, and the day after is there any as want you to run down or fall down from the roof of a building. All of this is probably the more traditional work that you associate with something a stuntman doing but there is far more for many movies, commercials and other uses of little film tricks with bl.a. other features include, fire and explosions – So as a stuntman, you can experience also a big part of what we call the security tasks, which ensure that an actor does not come to harm. It could be f.ex. when they will hang in a wire and being filmed or if they must fire down on a scene in a theatre, a large magazine or the like. It could also be you had to make sure that no one comes to harm when making a shot, or any need to engage in a fight – as you might as a stuntman've even made the choreography for.

Stunts are also used in other context where the f.ex. hired to lecture and tell about specific topics as often and often is in the dangerous genre! Or it could be for larger parties and events, where to be entertained or as a seasoning for other kinds of shows, where we can then add a little fire, terror, horror and explosions!

So the stunt is a very versatile profession which also requires a really good physique, psyche and many years of training, if one is to be sure to get the right result. There are many who will throw themselves out of a running car (if they are stupid enough) but only few can do it without getting hurt but just what is stuntmandens job, to ensure nothing goes wrong. Every stunt requires preparation and more preparation than the stuntet many times requires! With the right attitude to safety and preparation you will be able to get extremely good results and at the same time avoid injuries.

Most of the times when performing a stunt when we are talking film, advertising or the like. looking never stuntmandens face. Most often, you will be able in of an actor and thus you will only see the back, a hidden face, the neck or a blurred image to stuntmanden which is like to the like. the actor, who is able in the – fortunately, you can today do very much to ensure you like. the actor, it can be with a wig, the same clothes, or other that gives ”the eye” is a perception that it is the actor himself, you see. There can of course also be made a part by filming from the right angles and distances, all of which is to ensure a better flow and perception from the viewer.


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