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Bachelor party Stunt - It's just good! | Actioneater - Stuntman - Stunt Bachelorette PartyBest Stunt Bachelorette Party |

Best Stunt The Bachelor Party

Stunt the bachelor party for the boys -and girl rob! – With or without the Action movie!

Here you will find 4 packets spiced with humor and adrenaline that will provide an unforgettable and super fun bachelorette party! We promise not go from here without a good laugh and a good experience richer.

Tired of the sales gas so check out our references out at the bottom of the page and there is more where they come from.

In the guides of the professional stuntmen through barslagsmål, drop, scroll, SFX as the count total from the bottles in the hovedt, semiburn (fire from the knee to the head) and the shot as seen in the movie with blood and bursting charge. All the experiences which the late be forgotten.

Everyone can participate in the workshop portion, if desired, and polteren exposed for the rest.
The price is the same whether you are 2 or 30 people.

Select one of the following packages:

Package 1 – Right and hard!
Here drop we the charm and pops out in a few slaps and kicks before polteren be shot and put on fire. A great experience for most with a penchant for adrenaline and a big smile.

Duration: 40 min
Price: kr. 1.800,-
Participation: Only polteren.
Props: Shot and fire

Package 2 – Strokes, kicks and shots.
Workshop with slagsmålsteknikker, appropriate, and props, as finally combined to sequences with or without spectacle. There is the opportunity for all giving and receiving slaps, etc. We finish the shoot polteren with genuine burster and blood!

Duration 60 min.
Price dkk. 1.800,-
Participation: Only polteren or all.
Props: Shot

Package 3 – Punches, kicks, shoots and fire

As package 2 but here the spicing up we end a little extra with a semiburn ie. fire in the leg with flames up over his head.

Duration 75 min.
Price dkk. 2.500,-
Participation: Only polteren or all.
Props: Shot and fire

Package 4 – Your action movies!

Do you have an idea for an action movie, we come and film it with professional equipment!
We will help you through the set up, we are filming and ensure the high class of your/your action blast of a movie. After finishing the recordings, we take in the studio and cut the film together that comes afterwards.

The duration of 60-75 min.
Price dkk. 4.900,-
Participation: All or only polteren
Props: Can be selected according to the needs

Supplementary purchases:

– Breakaway bottle(as on film) which are wrecked in the head on the bride/groom£. 350,-
– Videofilmning of the ”normal” packages edited and delivered in 1 piece. the dvd kr. 1.800,-

Send an email with your choice of package, date and possible time (quite time) on the day and you will receive a confirmation back with all the details.

Actioneater have supplied the stunt for the bachelor parties the last 16 years with a lot of satisfied customers, and no damage. We work professionally and safety has the highest priority. We must have fun and have a good experience but we will not compromise on safety and security.

ASK OR BOOK ON mobile 20 711 711.
We look forward to taking good care of you!

The following are excerpts from each of the persons or companies that have participated in our events, all the references mm. can be obtained by contact.
The Stunt was absolutely hilarious, and cross-border in a good way. It was truly a wonderful experience. Thank you. – Julie Lind

I had a great bachelor party, especially the stunt part was all good. I just don't believe you can make something fatter on his bachelor party than to be shot and set on fire!
– Jacob Malmquist

The Stunt was the wild experience and something I will never forget. It made the day perfect, and I can only recommend others to try the same. – Niels Jacobsen

“Cannon. Without the comparison. We would all do it again” – Mads Jeppesen

“We had it all fun and the bride had also just overcome with nerves, when she even had to press the trigger to sprængbæltet, but it was a great experience when it was done, and it worked really well” – Jim Street

“Really cool, certainly today's height of the point with the shot, fire, fights and a good sense of humor. We got met our very high expectations. Thank you.” – Jacob Rasmussen

“We were greeted by a super enthusiastic instructor who was with to make a bit of f sharp with the bride, which is always good, as it is under normal circumstances not all know each other, it was good with an “ice breaker”. Here we saw all the super professional and well prepared teaching of the stunt and the techniques around here. It was our first event of the day and it started the day absolutely perfectly, we got the laugh, broken some boundaries, and not least the shot of the bride! A truly great event. Thank you for it! As an event agency, an actor and private person, I can highly recommend a stuntpolterabend!” – Dea Happiness

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