Actioneater is a structured company with a professional approach to things, we solve the tasks which are made with people who have the right competence for the task at hand whether it is stunt or another.

What we supply to you is our trademark and therefore we have since 1996 been providing professional solutions and not seen the shadow of a complaint. We do everything (within reasonable limits) that our customers are satisfied before we leave the job.

To be a stuntman and ”play” with fire, shots, cars, falls, fights, etc. can be really dangerous but for a professional stuntman who through many years of training and experience know what needs to be taken into account, how to approach things and where the security comes in the first row, it becomes a challenge, a show, a bachelor party, workshop or anything else without the side piece.

Safety ALWAYS comes first and all that is associated with, are professional stuntmen who, through many years of experience safely and quietly guides all through an experience they will not soon forget.

Actioneater drawn out to Henrik Eiberg which has wide experience and competence in many areas. Actioneater counts also a number of other professional stuntmen with many skills and all with long experience from the industry through work with both theatre and TV.

We all work because we love our job and enjoy every single day. We would not be able to live without action and a drengerøvet approach to things, so the day of the change, we stop!

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