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Stunt, Action and a little from real life...

Hvad er stunt – Set med en stuntmans øjne

What is stunt S...

There are certainly very many who never really thought about the job as a stuntman and really often when I'm out and make stunt lectures and ask what is the stunt? The answer is very simple ”to him who does all the dangerous” and it's not completely wrong. A stuntman is often him who comes in theRead More

Stunt With a Stuntman

Stunt With a Stuntman

English introduction to Stunt with a Stuntman, what is it all about.

Test af slider

Test of the slider

We test just about this comes with in the slider

Så kommer der en test mere…

Then there comes a test ...

Here is another test to ago,,,, we shall just have to see how it's going to look like!!

"The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible" - Arthur C. Clarke

Book Stuntman

Book a stuntman to..

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